We are here again to witness the display of handiworks of students from the Department of Fashion Design and Textiles and the Department of Industrial Art. In the past, these two Departments do have their exhibitions and shows separately.

This joint programme begun in October, 2018, when at a Staff and Students Durbar, the idea of having a Faculty level exhibition and show was discussed. Staff and students bought into the idea.

The Board of the Faculty approved the proposal for the merger to take effect from this academic year and Management lead by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ben Q. Honyenuga gave the merger their blessings by approving it. You will therefore witness something different from what you do see in previous shows.

This year’s Art and Design Week is on theme: “Champions of Change: the Impact of Technical Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Development.”

I want to sincerely thank Members of the Art and Design Week Planning Committee lead by Mr. Samuel Kwame for putting together one of the most comprehensive and well organized week long activities ever in the history of the Faculty and for that matter the University. Kudos to all Members of the Committee.

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