The Institute of Textile and Fashion Professionals – Ghana (ITFP-GH) is a professional network for people associated with fibre and fabrics, clothing and garment manufacture, interior and technical textiles in either academia or practice.

The association is registered as a not-for-profit professional body at the Registrar General, Department of Ghana. Membership is opened to yarn producers; fabric producers; dyers and finishers; fashion designers, launderers, textile and fashion lecturers/teachers at all levels of education and producers of textiles for a wide range of industrial and consumer uses.

The ITFP is Ghana’s leading not-for-profit professional association for textiles and fashion.


The Institute of Textile and Fashion Professionals, Ghana will pool resources and provide a repository of information to keep players of the textile/fashion industry informed, educated, and abreast with skills and competencies for optimum output.


The Institute of Textile and Fashion Professionals, Ghana seeks to:

  • Facilitate learning, recognise achievements, reward excellence and to disseminate knowledge in fashion and textiles.
  • Promote and increase knowledge in all aspects of design in the textiles and fashion industry.
  • Encourage practical research work on chemical processes and materials importance to the fashion and textile industry.
  • Establish channels by which the interchange of professional knowledge may increase for its members.


The Institute runs on membership subscription, donations and proceeds from periodic programmes it will organise.

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