Journal of the Institute of Textiles & Fashion Professionals – Ghana

The Fashion and Textiles Review (FTR) is a journal committed to publishing scholarly, practical, creative designs, research and experimentations in fashion and textiles. The publications include articles, projects, technical notes, portfolio reviews, exhibitions, monographs, fashion and textiles pedagogical essays.

The FTR has a highly efficient editorial team that ensures that publications times are shorter as papers are published as soon as the review and editorial processes are completed. Papers submitted are reviewed and edited to the house style of the FTR before publication. Due to this arrangement, a paper that does not meet the initial standard and format is not accepted for onward processing and publication.

Aim and Scope

The Fashion and Textile Review aims to advance knowledge and to seek new perspectives in fashion and textiles. It covers domains such as:

  • Aesthetics of Fashion Product
  • Apparel Manufacturing
  • Beauty Culture
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Costume or Dress
  • Dyeing and Printing
  • Fabric Painting
  • Fashion Design Process
  • Fashion Exhibition
  • Fashion Merchandising, Retailing and Marketing
  • Fashion Theory
  • Fashion Trend
  • History of Fashion
  • Jewellery Design
  • Management of the Clothing and Textile Industry
  • Mass Customisation
  • Millinery and Accessories
  • Patternmaking
  • Smart and Intelligent Textiles
  • Socio-psychology of Fashion
  • Surface Design
  • Textile /Fibre Art and Mix Media
  • Textile Design Technology
  • Textile Finishing
  • Textile Product Design
  • Textile Production Technology
  • Textile Material Science

Publication Forms

  • Articles
  • Exhibition Reviews
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Technical Papers
  • Working Notes
  • Monographs

Publication (Output)

Online and Print

Publication Frequency



The Fashion and Textiles Review (Online) ISSN: 2665-0983

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