Traditional journals are exclusively based on a reader-pays prototype, in which the reader or institutional libraries pay for access to content. Conversely, all articles published by the Fashion and Textiles Review (FTR) are fully Open Access (OA). The academic community and the general public can access all articles published in the FTR for free.

This infers that Fashion and Textiles Review does not make any income through vending subscriptions of the printed or online versions of the published articles for now. Hence, by collecting Article Processing Charge (APC) from authors’, Fashion and Textiles Review is able to cover the various publishing services including:

  • Advertising of journal as well as its content: ensuring readers, as well as authors, know about the published work.
  • Customer service: responding to authors and readers concerns.
  • Editorial work: peer reviews, administrative support, commissioning content, journal development etc.
  • Technical infrastructure and innovation: development, maintenance and operation of online journal system and websites.
  • Putting together of articles: formatting and mark-up of articles and inclusion in indexing services.

The Article Processing Charge for this paper is GH¢550

Members of the Institute of Textiles and Fashion Professionals – Ghana will pay at a 12% discount, that is GH ¢480 per manuscript.

Payment should be made to the Institute of Textiles and Fashion Professionals.

Mobile Money Number: 0246620801 or Momo Pay ID: 47414

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