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Fashion and Textile Review
Volume 1, Issue 3. September 2019. Pages: 1 – 16
ISSN: 2665-0983 (ONLINE)


Mohammed Majeed
Department of Marketing, Tamale Technical University, Tamale

Joana Akweley Zanu
Department of Fashion Design & Textile, Tamale Technical University, Tamale

Gloria P. Adabla
Department of Fashion Design & Textile, Tamale Technical University, Tamale

Corresponding Author’s Email: [email protected]


The role of small and medium size enterprises in the Northern Region and Ghana at large cannot be over emphasized. The goal of the present study was to assess the problems and prescribe the way forward for small to medium size textile firms. The main approach to this study was quantitative with descriptive design. Questionnaire was used to assemble data from the respondents among who are artisans in the metropolis. The major source of funding for these people in the textile business in the Northern region is savings from sales and Susu among friends. Lack of modern technology, unavailability of ready market, insufficient government support, inadequate knowledge in record keeping, lack of collaboration, cheap imported western textiles and inadequate funds are the major challenges. It was concluded that so many problems exist in the sector and require serious attention from all stakeholders.


Small & Medium Size Textile Manufacturers, Challenges, Way Forward


FTR-1131.pdf (82 downloads)


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