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Fashion and Textile Review
Volume 1, Issue 5. September 2021. Pages: 40 – 62
ISSN: 2665-0983 (ONLINE)


Issahaku B. Gbene
Department of Textile Design and Technology, Takoradi Technical University, Takoradi, Ghana

Benjamin K. Asinyo
Department of Industrial Art, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana

Ebenezer K. Howard
Department of Industrial Art, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana

Corresponding Author’s Email: [email protected]


Tumu traditional area in the Sissala East Municipality of Upper West Region is home to numerous and varied animals and birds that serve as totems to their clans. Yet, the regalia of their paramountcy’s skin has little or no reference to their totems and symbols. Therefore, this art studio-based study employed an ethnographic action research paradigm and adopted the Universal Design Model (UDM) to identify conceptual images of Sissala clan totems to design and produce symbolic textile regalia for the Tumu paramountcy skin. The study revealed that Sissala clan totems have an endearing bond of unity among the various clans. It also confirmed that clan totems are a great source of inspiration for ideation and generation of designs for artists and craftsmen. The study concluded that imagery of Sissala clan totems for the production of textile regalia for the Tumu kuoro was paramount to give the Tumu paramountcy skin a symbolic representation and unique identity that helps the youth and general public appreciate the philosophy and cultural values of the Sissalas. The study recommends that studies be conducted in the remaining Sissala clans to unearth more totems for textile designing and production of artefacts.


Clan Totems; Sissala; Skin Regalia; Symbolism; Tumu paramountcy.


FTR-5003.pdf (696 downloads )


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