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Fashion and Textile Review
Volume 1, Issue 3. September 2019. Pages: 17 – 34
ISSN: 2665-0983 (ONLINE)


Abraham Agbeshie
Department of Industrial Painting and Design, Takoradi Technical University, Takoradi – Ghana

Naa Omai Sawyerr
Department of Textile Design and Technology, Takoradi Technical University, Takoradi – Ghana

Sarah Quansah
Department of Textile Design and Technology, Takoradi Technical University Takoradi – Ghana

Corresponding Author’s Email: [email protected]


This study explored the potential of garment painting as a textile decorating method and by extension an additional source of income generation in textile production practice. As a developing country, the capability of generating local products through local means of manufacturing are commended in the Ghanaian society and highly promoted among its diverse communities. Surface designing is an integral part of Ghana’s textile and garment industry and has historically incorporated techniques such as stamping, tie and dye, resist dyeing and direct printing. In recent times, however, innovations such as garment painting has emerged to give a new meaning to clothing decoration and has set the trend for local fashion consumption, especially among the youth. As a result, garment painting is rapidly growing as a commercially viable business for the textile and garment industry in the country. This study discusses the innovation of garment painting and highlights its implication on the future of the local textile and garment industry. It has been established from the study that fabric painting is a creative way to transform plain fabric surfaces with unique designs. Additionally, this method of decorating fabrics is unique and a one-stop process that will assist in revolutionalising the local textile industry in the face of stiff global competition from factory printed fabrics.


Surface Designs; Painting; Garment; Fashion


FTR-1132.pdf (1452 downloads )


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