The theme for this year’s Fashion Show is dubbed “Blending Classical Designs with Contemporary Styles”. The theme was chosen because we want to unveil the possibility and beauty of blending classical designs with contemporary styles.

To become a successful Fashion Designer, you have to go through the historic fashion of the world for gaining knowledge about what kind of fashion was there in the early years.

We have to work according to the taste and style of the people we are designing. We all know that change in fashion happens very quickly.

As designers, we have to be aware of all the trends so we can design accordingly and better than the present.
There is a huge market for traditional clothes and accessories blended with Western clothing.

It is therefore important to introduce the old designs into fashion that are in vogue at a particular time. This will enlighten people especially the youth to know what was there in the past.

The theme for this year’s events is to help people appreciate, preserve and develop on past designs. This will help to maintain the nation’s cultural heritage.

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